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Personality Disorders Treatment Program

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You are not alone when finding the right treatment for yourself or a loved one.

Let the Inward Healthcare team support as you navigate this challenging time. We offer resources to help you better understand your loved one’s experience, and we encourage you to call and talk to us today. No commitments. Just access to people who are passionate about walking alongside you through your unique journey.

a parent comforts a teen who has their hand over their face while wondering about personality disorders treatmentNavigating the challenges of personality disorders can be tough, but we’re here to help you every step of the way. Our personality disorders treatment program offers comprehensive care for individuals in Long Beach, focused on teens and those needing specialized support. At our treatment center, we prioritize a compassionate and customized approach to meet each individual’s unique needs. With expert guidance and a supportive community, overcoming the difficulties of personality disorders is not just possible—it’s achievable. Contact us at 888.576.1875 today to learn about our personality disorders treatment program options.

What Are Personality Disorders?

Personality disorders are a type of mental health condition that affects the way individuals think, feel, and behave. They are characterized by patterns of behavior that deviate from societal norms and cause significant distress or impairment in daily functioning. There are several different types of personality disorders, each with their specific symptoms and challenges.

The recognized personality disorders include:

  • Borderline personality disorder (BPD)
  • Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)
  • Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD)
  • Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD)
  • Avoidant personality disorder (APD)
  • Schizoid personality disorder (SPD)

Each of these disorders has its own unique set of traits and behaviors, but they all share some common characteristics. These may include difficulty forming and maintaining relationships, trouble regulating emotions, self-destructive behaviors, and a distorted sense of self.

The Importance of Seeking Treatment for Personality Disorders

Seeking treatment for personality disorders is crucial as they can significantly impact an individual’s life and relationships. Without proper support and intervention, individuals with personality disorders may struggle to maintain healthy relationships, hold down a job, or engage in fulfilling activities. Seeking treatment can help individuals learn coping strategies, improve their communication skills, and manage symptoms effectively.

Treatment Options for Personality Disorders

When it comes to treating personality disorders, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It’s essential to have various options so that individuals can find what works best for them. Our personality disorders treatment program in Long Beach combines different approaches to ensure comprehensive care. Here are some of the most common treatment options available:

  • Psychotherapy or talk therapy – This includes various forms of counseling, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), which help individuals understand and change their behavior patterns.
  • Medication – While medications don’t cure personality disorders, they can be effective in managing symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and mood swings.
  • Group therapy – Participating in group therapy can provide a sense of community and support, showing individuals that they are not alone in their struggles.
  • Family therapy – This involves the family in the treatment process, helping to improve communication and resolve conflicts within the family unit.
  • Support groups – These are peer-led groups where individuals can share their experiences and coping strategies, providing mutual support and encouragement.
  • Educational workshops – These workshops offer information about personality disorders, coping skills, and how to build healthy relationships.

By combining these treatment options, each person receives a customized plan tailored to their specific needs, increasing the likelihood of a more positive outcome. Don’t hesitate to reach out and explore the different avenues of support available to you.

Inward Healthcare’s Treatment Options

Our outpatient options at Inward Healthcare offer flexibility and accessibility for those who need support while maintaining their daily responsibilities. These programs provide the same high-quality care and resources as our inpatient services but allow individuals to live at home and continue with work, school, and family activities.

Our outpatient treatment, such as a partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program, includes regular therapy sessions, group workshops, and ongoing medical support to help manage symptoms and develop coping strategies. This approach ensures that you can receive the help you need without putting your life on hold, making treatment more accessible and less disruptive. If you’re looking for a way to balance your recovery with your everyday life, our outpatient programs might be the perfect fit.

Contact Inward Healthcare Today for Personality Disorder Treatment

At Inward Healthcare, we understand the challenges of living with a personality disorder and the impact it can have on daily life. Our compassionate team is dedicated to providing individualized care and support for each young person who comes through our doors. Our goal is to help individuals overcome their struggles and live fulfilling lives. Contact us today at 888.576.1875 for more information about our personality disorders treatment program.